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Randall Williams

Due to some outstanding mentors, I was that fortunate child who knew I wanted to be in the financial services business from a young age. Wonderfully supportive parents and my experience as an eagle scout no doubt helped me clarify my path. While pursuing my finance degree from Colorado State University, I sequentially completed internships with Shearson Lehman in Chicago and Merrill Lynch in Los Angeles. This experience allowed me to hit the ground running. Graduating from CSU on time in May of 1992, I was licensed and working in the business one month later.

Thinking I knew it all as a 22 year old I was quickly humbled with my first lesson in serving clients: “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Fast forward a couple of decades and the above phrase governs my life. I truly love getting to know our clients on a very personal level. This allows us to assist them with their goals, dreams and objectives on a unique and powerful level.

When the “traditional” family route didn’t materialize for the love of my life Tonya and I, we struggled a little with our life’s purpose for a while. Looking back now, it’s crystal clear that we were meant to serve a much larger “family” than most. Through the amazing people and relationships we have had the pleasure of serving in our business, it’s no longer a business thing. Our clients have become our “family.” We love to serve and are appreciative and grateful for the opportunity to do so.